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EquityNet Featured in Crowdfund Insider
Below is an article by Crowdfund Insider entitled “Title II & Title III Take Center Stage as Experts Discuss Equity Crowdfunding at Crowdfund Global Expo” 

Title II & Title III Take Center Stage as Experts Discuss Equity Crowdfunding at Crowdfund Global Expo
By: Joy Schoffler, Leverage PR
Jan 31, 2014

Imagine attending a dinner party a year from now where a dozen people are all talking about what businesses they’ve invested in. That’s a scene some predict for the near future, as equity crowdfunding moves into the spotlight in 2014.

“I would like to see a world where you should feel uncomfortable if you do not invest in crowdfunding,” Howard Leonhardt, CEO of the California Stock Exchange, said as a panelist at the Crowdfund Global Expo. “Contributing in crowdfunding should be your civic duty to stimulating our economy.”

The greatest minds leading this movement gathered at Coastal Shows’ Crowdfund Global Expo in San Diego Jan. 30 and 31 to discuss the future of equity, debt and real estate crowdfunding. Speakers and conference goers alike expressed both their concerns and their expectations as Title II and Title III of the JOBS Act took center stage the first day of the conference.

“I’m very bullish about Title II crowdfunding in 2014,” said Jonathan Sandlund, founder of The Crowd Café, a panelist at the conference. “We’re seeing tremendous growth.”

The number of crowdfunding platforms – already estimated between 200 and 300 – could also expand under Title III regulations, said Judd Hollas, founder and CEO of EquityNet. Eventually, some speculate, we’ll see consolidation of these platforms, as well as specialization.

As multiple speakers noted, equity crowdfunding is really applying technology to an age old process. We’ll finally be able to understand the behaviors and patterns of investments in broad daylight.

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