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EquityNet Releases New Free Crowdfunding Tools
EquityNet Continues to Expand Its Portfolio of Free Interactive Crowdfunding Resources

Fayetteville, AR, May 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EquityNet, the largest business crowdfunding platform, is proud to announce two new additions to its portfolio of crowdfunding resources; the Profit Margin Calculator and Cash Flow Calculator. These calculators, released today, are designed to help entrepreneurs improve their business planning and fundraising efforts, and like EquityNet’s other crowdfunding tools and resources, they are free to use.

“The Profit Margin and Cash Flow Calculators are exciting additions to our large offering of free, educational resources that will continue to expand,” says Judd Hollas, Founder and CEO of EquityNet. “These tools are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs that provide them with a better understanding of critical metrics that evaluate the health and fundability of their businesses.”

The Profit Margin Calculator helps entrepreneurs better understand their gross profit, gross profit margin, operating profit, operating profit margin, net profit, and net profit margin. It also compares these key financial metrics to the average of peer businesses in the same industry sector by using EquityNet’s database of thousands of companies, a capability that is unavailable with any other online profit margin calculator.

The Cash Flow Calculator helps entrepreneurs evaluate their operating cash flow, free cash flow, and cash liquidity balance. Like the Profit Margin Calculator, the Cash Flow Calculator leverages EquityNet’s multi-patented Enterprise Analyzer™ system to help entrepreneurs determine if they're on the right track as they prepare to raise capital and pursue their business opportunities.

Much like EquityNet’s existing Startup Risk Calculator and Startup Valuation Calculator, results from the Profit Margin Calculator and Cash Flow Calculator are based on real market data gathered by EquityNet from more than 6,000 privately-held businesses across North America. Together, these calculators allow entrepreneurs to refine their business planning strategies and analyze multiple scenarios that could have an impact on their companies.

With the addition of these new calculators, EquityNet continues to provide a vast amount of educational content that helps entrepreneurs prepare to start a crowdfunding campaign and provides anyone with an interest in crowdfunding a clear and concise view of the business crowdfunding landscape. EquityNet has operated the longest running business crowdfunding platform and has trends and statistics based on over 6,000 businesses that used EquityNet's platform from 2007 to 2015. EquityNet's complimentary crowdfunding charts allow anyone to discover research statistics about the crowdfunding market using EquityNet's unique platform data.  And, EquityNet’s crowdfunding terminology page is a large and constantly growing resource of terminology common to the crowdfunding industry.

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