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EquityNet Featured in Crowdfund Insider
Below is an article by Crowdfund Insider entitled “Applied CleanTech Launches EquityNet Campaign to Raise $2-$5M For Further Business Development”.

Applied CleanTech Launches EquityNet Campaign to Raise $2-$5M For Further Business Development
By: Samantha Hurst, Crowdfund Insider
Nov 26, 2014

Applied CleanTech announces this week the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign on EquityNet to raise its next round of funding, targeted at $2-$5M. The investment is required for business development in Western Europe and the Americas.

Established in 2007, Applied CleanTech Inc. has developed and established a game changing technology that fully recycles cellulose from raw wastewater creating opportunity for the US to generate more than $2.1 billion ($7 per person per year).

Founder and CEO of Applied CleanTech, Dr. Refael Aharon, stated,”We are not just creating ways to efficiently manage and handle waste but also creating a new revenue opportunity for any municipality in the world. We are leveraging EquityNet for this round because we believe in the strength of the public force in this industry. Using our SRS technology is a clean, efficient way to create an endless cycle of revenue and efficiency in waste management and to recycle our resources in a way that drives sustainability.” 

Wastewater treatment is a multi-billion dollar global market. Applied CleanTech is the first company to turn wastewater solids into a valuable revenue-generating resource through its unique patented Sewage Recycling System (SRS), recycling and mining cellulose from wastewater, turning it into Recyllose, also known as recycled cellulose, which is a highly valuable commodity with numerous applications for various industries as well as reducing GHG emissions and creating new bio circular economy. It is also an additional high-margin and recurring revenue source that is used in plastics, insulation, pulp & paper, construction, bio-fuels production, and more, turning expenses into revenues.

Applied CleanTech’s patented SRS technology mines cellulose 24/7 from wastewater and processes it into a clean, pasteurized, green product coined as Recyllose™ (recycled cellulose). The company has already implemented the technology in Holland, Canada, Israel and Mexico to create and drive revenue opportunity and is continuing to establish relationships with partners worldwide to create resources and revenue from wastewater, a resource that is prevalent globally.

This article was originally published in Crowdfund Insider.

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